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International Migration

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Mixed Flows of Humanity

The linkage between movements of refugees and asylum seekers and the broader phenomenon of international migration has attracted considerable attention over the past decade. This web page contains a wealth of information regarding those aspects of international migration which are of particular concern and interest to UNHCR.

In addition, it assembles documentation of special interest for the General Assembly's High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (September 2006) and provides relevant links to other websites. In early 2006, the UN Secretary-General took the initiative to transform the Geneva Migration Group, founded by UNHCR and IOM, into a Global Migration Group. Information has been made available on the group's membership, terms of reference and the work in the field of migration of member agencies.

Mixed Migration

Migrants are different from refugees but the two sometimes travel alongside each other.

UNHCR and Human Trafficking

Selected reading on human trafficking and the application of refugee protection.

High-Level Dialogue on International Migration

Summaries of a past high-level dialogue.

Global Migration Group

An inter-agency group promoting application of instruments and norms relating to migration.

Labour Mobility

Enabling refugees to realize their right to work, enjoy freedom of movement and facilitating their access to durable solutions.




High Commissioner's Dialogue on Protection Challenges 2007

A Dialogue that examined the challenges of protecting refugees and mixed migratory flows.

Asylum and Migration

Asylum and Migration

All in the same boat: The challenges of mixed migration around the world.

Rescue at Sea

A guide to principles and practice as applied to migrants and refugees.

UNHCR Observations on the occasion of the First Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting on Migration

Algarve, Portugal, 18-19 November 2007.

For more information, visit the EuroMed website.

Forced Migration and Development

UNHCR's contribution to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (Brussels, 9-11 July 2007). Visit the Global Forum on Migration and Development website.

UNHCR, Refugee Protection and International Migration

Policy paper, Rev.1 of 17 January 2007.

Extracts of UNHCR's Agenda for Protection

Dealing with the protection of refugees within broader migration movements.

International Migration and Development

Report of the UN Secretary-General dated 18 May 2006

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