Strengthening Protection Capacity Project Ecuador


The Strengthening Protection Capacity Project (SPCP) was introduced in Ecuador in the spring of 2008 to strengthen state and community capacities for protection refugees and other populations of concern. Therefore, the first stage of the project in Ecuador is, accordingly, to apply the SPCP process to identify protection gaps and develop targeted projects to address them.

Ecuador is at the forefront in Latin America in the implementation of this methodology, which is being developed in the framework of the 2004 Mexico Declaration and Plan of Action and a progressive State Policy on Asylum that is a landmark in refugee protection for the whole region. The SPCP initiative will also work in the context of Plan Ecuador, a comprehensive development programme launched by the government of Ecuador to address peace and development in the northern border region.

SPCP Ecuador: Project Updates

Refugee ProtectionConvention and Protocol

SPCP Ecuador: Project Proposals

Refugee ProtectionConvention and Protocol