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United Nations Peacebuilding Fund

Following a request from the General Assembly and the Security Council, the Secretary-General established a Peacebuilding Fund for post-conflict peacebuilding initiatives in October 2006. The Peacebuilding Fund constitutes an essential component of the enhanced UN architecture to provide for a more sustained engagement in support of countries emerging from conflict and will support peacebuilding activities which directly contribute to post-conflict stabilization and strengthen the capacity of Governments, national/local institutions and transitional or other relevant authorities.

The Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) is a global fund designed to support several country situations simultaneously and therefore combines the scope of a global fund with the country-specific focus of a multi-donor trust fund. Its basic architecture is based upon a two-tier decision-making process, involving a central allocation of funding to the countries eligible for Peacebuilding Fund support and, at the country level, a joint review by the Government and the ranking United Nations representative in the country to disburse funds against agreed-upon programme and project activities.

The PBF addresses immediate needs in countries emerging from conflict at a time when sufficient resources are not available from other funding mechanisms and will support interventions of direct and immediate relevance to the peacebuilding process and contribute towards addressing critical gaps in that process. It focuses on delivering services in the very early stages of a peacebuilding process, before donor conferences are organized and such funding mechanisms as country-specific multi-donor trust funds have been set up.



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