Lesson Modules

Lesson Modules

Lesson Modules
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Aids for Students

Refugee themes can help children understand fundamental issues in history, geography, human rights or education for citizenship; and they can bring an unexpectedly poignant and imaginative approach to teaching of language, literature or art. UNHCR has developed lesson modules for three different age groups that will help teachers introduce refugee issues into the curriculum of these different subject areas. These lesson modules are also meant to help students:

  • understand some of the complex processes that lead to violence and conflict, which in turn cause refugees to flee their homes and countries of origin.
  • cultivate attitudes that lead to constructive, active and non-violent resolution of conflict.
  • develop the personal and social skills necessary to respect basic human rights.

Each unit is accompanied by a lesson plan that provides an overview of the lessons, their objectives, content, the teaching method/learning strategies involved, and the related resources which are available on this website.

The lesson plans are not prescriptive, but provide interested teachers a starting point for lesson preparation. Teachers will need to integrate these ideas into their own programmes or curriculum of work.


How the theme of exile can be introduced into lessons on the history of music and art.


Studying history can provide an opportunity to examine refugee outflows and displacement.


Refugee issues can give a human face to lessons on the environment, population studies and economic development. Find out how.

Civic Education

Learn how refugees can be the subject of work units on human rights, nationalism, racism, immigration, persecution and war.

Human Rights

Find out more about how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) underlines the strong connection between human rights and the work of UNHCR.

Language and Literature

Learn how refugees have contributed to the culture of their host communities as well as how the theme of exile can be studied in literature.