European States have a long tradition of providing a safe haven to the persecuted and the protection of fundamental rights is embedded in Europe's identity. EU Member States have committed to creating a Common European Asylum System (CEAS). UNHCR welcomes this ambitious and unprecedented process, and is supporting Member States in their harmonization efforts.

Safe At Last

Law and Practice in Selected EU Member States with Respect to Asylum-Seekers Fleeing Indiscriminate Violence.

Improving Asylum Procedures

Detailed research on key asylum procedures directive provisions.

The Dublin II Regulation

A UNHCR Discussion Paper.

UNHCR's Recommendations to Cyprus for its EU Presidency

June to December 2012

Refugee ProtectionOperations

UNHCR's Recommendations to Denmark for its EU Presidency

January to June 2012

Refugee ProtectionOperations

Poland Chairs EU Conference on Asylum System

UNHCR's Volker Türk discusses development of the Common European Asylum System.

Administration DIP Statements