Asylum Practice

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EU Member States are responsible in law and practice for providing international protection and material assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees in conformity with international and EU asylum law. However, there are still very significant differences in approaches to protection from one country to another. Protection rates and entitlements, as well as the kind of reception assistance made available to asylum-seekers, continues to differ from country to country.

Based on its supervisory responsibility under paragraph 8 of the UNHCR's Statute, in conjunction with Article 35 of the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees and Article II of its 1967 Protocol, UNHCR monitors the asylum practice of Member States and seeks to advise and assist them achieve conformity with international standards.




UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Hungary as a country of asylum

Observations on the situation of asylum-seekers and refugees in Hungary, 24 April 2012.