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Global Focus: UNHCR's Operations Worldwide

Global Focus is an exciting and timely new website that provides regular reports and updates on UNHCR's operations worldwide, based on the refugee agency's results-based management framework. Global Focus is currently in the pilot phase, following 15 operations in regions where UNHCR works.

This web-based tool describes the context, issues and challenges in each operation as well as the different strategies to deliver protection and assistance to millions of people of concern to UNHCR. In line with UNHCR's Global Strategic Priorities, each operation has identified key objectives and the results it seeks to achieve in 2012 and report on. Several of the features and reports on Global Focus will be further developed and finetuned. More operations and new reports will be added to the website on a regular basis.

Access is restricted to members of UNHCR's governing Executive Committee.




Global Focus

Access is restricted to members of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's programme and UNHCR staff.