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For a micro-blogger, Yao Chen has macro reach and impact. Through social media, the award-winning Chinese actress has raised public awareness and mobilized support for refugees among millions of people. In June 2013 she was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador - the first in China.

Yao Chen has worked with UNHCR since 2010, meeting refugees from Myanmar, Somalia and Sudan, among others. Humbled by their suffering and strength, she has shared these experiences through the media and Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. With a following of more than 48 million, the "Queen of Weibo" has brought a new understanding of refugee issues to the Chinese-speaking world.

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One of China's most popular actresses and one of the world's top micro-bloggers.

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Yao Chen - No one chooses to be a refugeePlay video

Yao Chen - No one chooses to be a refugee

UNHCR's 2012 World Refugee Day global social advocacy campaign, "Dilemmas", aims to help fight intolerance and xenophobia against refugees. Yao Chen UNHCR Honorary Patron for China and a host of other celebrities echo the same strong message: No one chooses to be a refugee.