Aidos Sagat and UNHCR

Kazakhstan composer and singer Aidos Sagat first collaborated with UNHCR in 2010 as an honorary patron. His activities were mainly focused on supporting refugee children, and he took part in awareness events marking the annual World Refugee Day (June 20) and United Nations Day (October 24). He organized musical events for refugee children and gave free piano lessons to a highly talented nine-year-old refugee from Kyrgyzstan, and helped her continue with her musical education.

He has met with refugees in Kazakhstan on several occasions, drawing attention to their situation, and given fund-raising concerts. He has also taken part in World Refugee Day events, including giving a piano recital in 2011 to raise awareness about refugee issues in the country. In recognition of his work for refugees and support for UNHCR, Sagat became a Goodwill Ambassador in May 2013, the first in Central Asia.

Sagat has also been very active in supporting and promoting UNHCR activities on social media, including Facebook.