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ExCom Annual Meeting

Delegates from around the world will be attending the annual meeting in Geneva of UNHCR's governing Executive Committee (ExCom) from September 30 until October 4, 2013. The session starts with a high-level gathering on the Syrian crisis and ways that the international community can do more to help countries that are hosting Syrian refugees. The ExCom meeting will review and approve the agency's programmes and budget, advise on international protection and discuss a wide range of other issues with UNHCR and its intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. UNHCR will live video feed from some sections of the week's meeting as well as reports, videos and other material.




ExCom and HLS Speeches

Syria Crisis - UNHCR Executive Committee MeetingPlay video

Syria Crisis - UNHCR Executive Committee Meeting

The 64th annual meeting of UNHCR's Executive Committee will be held between 30 September and 4 October, 2013 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The meeting is expected to focus on expanding international support for countries hosting large Syrian refugee populations.

Executive Committee

The governing body meets annually to discuss programmes, budgets and other key issues.