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A Safe Place to Call Home

The IKEA Foundation believes that every child has a right to a safe place to call home, yet each year millions of children and their families have to flee their homes and seek shelter in another region or country due to war, persecution, poverty, drought, natural disasters or other factors. Many of these people find safety and shelter in special refugee camps run by UNHCR, or with the agency's help.

The IKEA Foundation, philanthropic arm of the global home furnishings company, decided it wanted to do something to help. In 2010, the IKEA Foundation began to support UNHCR's emergency response operations with in-kind donations. Building on this, in 2011 the IKEA Foundation committed to provide US$62 million over three years to UNHCR - the largest-ever corporate donation received by the refugee agency. The funding was to be used to provide shelter, care and education to people in refugee camps as well as vulnerable members of the surrounding host communities in Ethiopia, Sudan and Bangladesh.

In addition to providing IKEA skills and logistics expertise to help UNHCR respond more effectively to emergencies, the partnership has supported UNHCR's Innovation Unit, which is leading the research and implementation of innovative solutions, such as designing a better refugee shelter or coming up with renewable energy lighting solutions.

In 2012, the IKEA Foundation increased its funding commitment to UNHCR to US$95 million. The revised figure includes in-kind assistance for Syrian refugee children in Jordan, including Sunnan solar-powered lamps to help them study in the evening.

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