Definition of misconduct

The United Nations defines misconduct as "any failure by a staff member to comply with his or her obligations under the Charter of the United Nations, the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules or other administrative issuances, or to observe the standards of conduct expected of an international civil servant."

Making a complaint

Anyone can contact the IGO if they have concerns or information about possible misconduct by any UNHCR staff member or other person working directly with UNHCR. Anyone can contact the IGO if they have reason to believe that a staff member of other person associated with UNHCR has not behaved correctly.

More information on how to make a complaint.

Disciplinary action

If the investigation finds the staff member failed to comply with UN Staff Regulations and Rules or the standards of conduct expected of a UN civil servant, then the IGO will send a report to UNHCR's Division of Human Resources and Management (DHRM). It is the responsibility of DHRM to determine the appropriate administrative response, such as possible disciplinary action. Depending on the type of misconduct, the disciplinary action can include dismissal, demotion or written censure.

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To contact the IGO with a complaint, please click here.

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