Consultancy Opportunities

Consultants may be:

  • An international consultant: Hired from outside the location where they have to perform the services (place of work).
  • A locally hired international consultant: If they are not a national of the country in which they are to serve and have been hired at the place of work.
  • A national consultant: If they are a national of the country and have been hired at the place of work.

Furthermore, as a consultant:

  • The work will be temporary.
  • They will not perform the regular day-to-day functions of staff.

Duration of contract

Consultant contracts will not exceed 11 consecutive months and so include a mandatory break-in-service of one full month. Consultants can only be engaged for a period up to a maximum of 24 months of full time work in a 36-month period. After this, a minimum six-month break in service is required.

You can apply to consultancy vacancies by clicking on the below list of currently open consultancy positions.