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Iraq Emergency

The pain of an Iraqi family separated in flight from Ramadi in Anbar province

13 May 2015

Imad and Nathil fled Ramadi when the fighting came to their district, but their eldest of four children got left behind in another town. They worry about her all the time.

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UNHCR concerned about the challenges facing thousands of Iraqis fleeing Ramadi

22 April 2015

Some 114,000 Iraqis have fled Ramadi over the past two weeks to escape conflict. Of these, about 39,000 remain stuck inside Anbar province.

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UNHCR concerned by border practices after deaths of two Iraqis at the Bulgaria-Turkey border

31 March 2015

Measures that make it more difficult to enter the EU are forcing people seeking international protection to take increasingly dangerous route to enter

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Q&A: Positive outlook for Iraq, but improvement will take months to show

17 March 2015

Meanwhile, the numbers and needs of Syrian refugees and Iraqis displaced within their country are expected to continue growing throughout 2015.

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Desperate Iraqis end up in Hungary after ill-timed detour to war-torn Ukraine

05 March 2015

Yusuf and Omar fled war in Iraq – only to find a different conflict engulfing their safe haven in Ukraine. Now they are in Hungary and hope for safety in Western Europe.

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We had no choice other than to leave because it was not safe for our children. We left everything: our clothes, our furniture, even our food.

Nafa Jihad, 40
father of 11

The major focus is on improving living conditions for the displaced in the region, particularly people without shelter or housing.

Adrian Edwards

Everybody seeking access should be given refuge without discrimination. Everybody deserves to be safe.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

Iraq Emergency

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