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Iraq Emergency

Iraq: Breaking Bread

09 September 2014

Shareef fled to Iraq a year ago to escape the violence in Syria. He opened a bakery, which has done great business. When he heard about a new wave of displacement in northern Iraq in August, he decided to help those in need by providing bread.

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From the horror of the Sinjar region to uncertainty in Athens

09 September 2014

Faraydun and Nazdar fled their village when militants started to attack Yazidis in Iraq's Sinjar area. Now they are stuck in Greece, but they wish to go further.

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Shelter needs acute in northern Iraq as UNHCR steps up aid operation

05 September 2014

Many schools are still being used to house the displaced. In addition, there is urgent need to reinforce tents and other housing in preparation for the coming winter.

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Iraq: Moving to a New Camp in Khanke

05 September 2014

A new camp for displaced people is taking shape in the village of Khanke in Iraq's Kurdistan region, with the help of UNHCR and its partners. After weeks of uncomfortable living in the courtyard of an old public building, Chenar and her ethnic Yazidi family are looking forward to moving to the new facility.

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Displaced at two weeks old, Rahav finds safety in Iraq's newest camp

03 September 2014

Wrapped in a headscarf and sleeping peacefully in a wooden cradle, baby Rahav, appears blissfully unaware of the ordeal her Yazidi family has been through.

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We had no choice other than to leave because it was not safe for our children. We left everything: our clothes, our furniture, even our food.

Nafa Jihad, 40
father of 11

The major focus is on improving living conditions for the displaced in the region, particularly people without shelter or housing.

Adrian Edwards

Everybody seeking access should be given refuge without discrimination. Everybody deserves to be safe.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

Iraq Emergency

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