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CAR Emergency

Q&A: UN rapporteur looks at how to restore stability and peaceful coexistence in CAR

27 February 2015

Chaloka Beyani, following a recent visit to Central African Republic, says time will be needed to heal the deep divide between communities but stresses that steps need to be taken now.

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Small Graves: Tough conditions take a toll on young refugees from the Central African Republic

24 February 2015

With little access to health care, clean water and other needs, refugees from the Central African Republic are at risk – especially young children.

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Fresh violence displaces almost 50,000 people in Central African Republic

24 February 2015

This includes an estimated 30,000 who have fled their homes and found refuge in other parts of the country and more than 19,200 people who have crossed into northern Congo.

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Pining Central African boy dies before family reunion possible

17 February 2015

Eleven-year-old Youssoufa was one of the latest victims of the terror that has plagued his homeland in the past two years. He longed for his parents and freedom.

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Saving Lives at the River's Edge

29 January 2015

As wounded refugees cross the Oubangui to escape deadly attacks in the Central African Republic, humanitarians spring into action.

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I lost everything: my home, my flesh, my identity. My kids sleep on the floor.

widowed mother of four displaced in Bangui

Many fled without anything – no money, no food, not even a mat to sleep on.

Fatoumata Lejeune-Kaba

The Central African Republic is falling through the cracks of international attention. This cannot be allowed to happen.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

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