Lesson plans for ages 15-18 in Geography: Internally Displaced People

Teaching Tools, 24 October 2006

© UNHCR/T.Makeeva
A UNHCR protection officer speaks with displaced Chechens living in tented camp A or 'Alina' camp, in Sunzhenski district. UNHCR supports on-site counsellors who help IDPs obtain legal documentation and resolve problems such as access to basic health care and social rights and allowances. Tented camp A was closed in December, 2003. Its approximately 900 remaining residents were given the option to return to Chechnya or relocate to Satsita camp or temporary settlements in Ingushetia.

LESSONS 1 and 2: Who are internally displaced persons? Where are they concentrated?


Run off copies of the map "The World's Internally Displaced People" [PDF, 170Kb].

Have a large map of the world set up at the front of the classroom.



Begin the lesson by asking the students the following questions:

Map work

Hand out copies of "The World's Internally Displaced People" [PDF, 170Kb].

Ask the students to read aloud the brief descriptions of circumstances in several of the countries on the map. Perhaps a student is familiar with the circumstances in one or other country through personal or family experience, or through reading or viewing a television programme.

Use the descriptions on the map as a starting point for discussion about the root causes of displacement. Are there similar causes present in almost every case? If so, what are they?