Lesson plans for ages 15-18 in Geography: Internally Displaced People

Teaching Tools, 24 October 2006

© UNHCR/N.Behring
After years of living in the squalid conditions of the former Soviet compound in Kabul, internally displaced Afghans return to their land on the Shomali Plain.

LESSONS 3 and 4: Internal conflict and displacement around the world


Refer to "The biggest failure of the international community" [PDF, 952Kb] for background information to this lesson.


It is suggested that this lesson be treated as a lecture by the teacher.

Ensure that a large world map, or several large regional/continental maps, are available on the walls of the classroom, for reference during the lesson.

Points to bring out in the lecture include:

Review and Application

Ask the following questions, which will check the students' understanding of the concept of IDPs and require them to think through the implications of the status of these persons: