Lesson plans for ages 9-11 in Language & Literature: Refugee Children Recount their Experiences

Teaching Tools, 19 February 2007

© UNHCR/Zekaria Aken Deng
Painting by Zekaria Aken Deng, aged 15, Sudanese, Kakuma refugee camp.

LESSONS 1 and 2: Refugee children tell their stories


Begin the lesson by asking the students to name some myths and legends, fairy tales and fables that they know of. Do they know from which country the stories originated? Are they stories about how the world was created? Are they adventure stories in which good fights and wins over evil? Is there a moral to the story as in Aesop's or La Fontaine's fables?

Use the content of the section Introduction as a link to the rest of this lesson and the following lessons.

Hand out copies of "The deaf man and the blind man", which was told by Batula Mohammed Ali, a thirteen year old Somali refugee at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. Have the story read aloud around the class.

Comprehension and discussion questions

Comprehension and discussion questions