Lesson plans for ages 9-11 in Language & Literature: Refugee Children Recount their Experiences

Teaching Tools, 20 February 2007

© UNHCR/Yel Awar Langar
'I hope that other children enjoy our stories. Sometimes I think that people think we don't laugh, we don't play.' Of course we do! Painting by Yel Awar Langar, aged 14, Sudanese, Kakuma refugee camp.

LESSON 3: A morality story


Have ready a class set of the story "Tit for tat" by Daniel Arou Diing Arou, a fourteen year old Sudanese of the Dinka Bor tribe.


Let the children read the story quietly and individually and work through the questions as a written exercise. The class can come back together to share their answers.

Comprehension and discussion questions