Lesson plans for ages 12-14 in Language & Literature

Teaching Tools, 19 February 2007

LESSONS 1 and 2


A class set of The Endless Steppe is needed.


For the necessary entry behaviour, tell the students that this story begins in Poland, during the period of the Second World War. At the beginning of World War II, Germany and Russia agreed not to attack one another. In September 1939, Poland was first invaded by the Germans, and then by the Russians. Up to a million Poles were deported, many to Siberia, including the author and her family.

To begin the lesson, it is suggested that the teacher reads aloud from the beginning of chapter 1 until halfway down page 4, stopping just after the sentence "But in 1939 Hilter's armies marched on Poland". Students are then given class time to finish the chapter.

Discussion questions

Homework: Students read chapter 2.