Lesson plans for ages 12-14 in Language & Literature

Teaching Tools, 21 February 2007



A quick review over the homework reading:

Preparation for role play:

The students take out their answers to question 3(c) from lesson 1. The students are then divided into "families" and discuss among themselves what each student has decided to pack for his or her exile and why such a choice was made. Let them feel free to argue, as each group represents a family. Ask them if it is necessary for a family to stick together in such a situation. Then, as a family unit, the students are required to decide among themselves what objects they feel they could part with and sell at the class baracholka during the next lesson.

Homework: Students are to bring to class examples of the items for 'sale' (eg. CD walkman, games, toys) and a couple of hard boiled eggs per student.