Lesson plans for ages 12-14 in History: The Rwandan Crisis 1994

Teaching Tools, 2 March 2007

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1.2 million Rwandans sought safety and shelter in Zaire.

LESSONS 1 and 2: How did the Rwandan crisis start?



To test entry behaviour, the students are asked the following questions:

For the first part of the lesson, students receive a copy of the Activity Sheet: Rwanda and its neighbours, and commence to fill in the sheet during the class discussion.

Tasks for the Activity Sheet

The main ethnic groups are the Kikongo, Luba, Mongo, ethnic Rwandans and Bwaka.

Tanzania: 120 or so ethnic groups.

Uganda: Over 20 ethnic groups

Reading in class: Students spend class time reading "Great Lakes Chronology", Refugees, no, 110 (Geneva, UNHCR, 1997), p. 8 and The State of the World's Refugees: In Search of Solutions, (Oxford, OUP, 1995), p. 32-33.

The following questions could be answered by students during their reading time, or afterwards: