Lesson plans for ages 9-11 in Human Rights and Refugees: To Be a Refugee

Teaching Tools, 27 June 2007

© UNHCR/J.Redden
Mariam Kwete, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who went from her country of asylum, South Africa, to represent the world's child refugees at a UN meeting last month in New York on violence against children.

LESSON 2: Spot the Refugee Part 2


Ask the students to explain what a refugee is. Draw out the elements of the definition by questioning around the class.

The students should open the Lego poster fully and read the supplied information quietly by themselves.

Comprehension and discussion questions

Ask the students to write answers to the following questions in their notebooks.

Discuss the answers to these questions around the class. Refer to the concept of discrimination.

At this point, you may wish to use some of the materials in the lesson module in Geography for Ages 9-11, which explain the reasons why people become refugees.