List of External Fonds

Archives, 12 June 2009

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Fonds UNHCR 1 Liquidator of the International Nansen Office for Refugees
Fonds UNHCR 2 United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Fonds UNHCR 3 International Refugee Organization
Fonds UNHCR 3/9 Records of the International Refugee Organization in Greece
Fonds UNHCR 5 Personal Papers of Gustave G. Kullmann
Fonds UNHCR 7 Collective fonds regarding pre-UNHCR refugee matters
Fonds UNHCR 32 Personal Papers of Poul Hartling
Fonds UNHCR 44 Personal Papers of Nelly E. Weiss
Fonds UNHCR 46 Personal Papers of Gerald Walzer
Fonds UNHCR 52 Papers of the Dohrn Family relating to the bust of Fridtjof Nansen
Fonds UNHCR 64 Records of the United Nations Border Relief Operation (Cambodia)
Fonds UNHCR 79 Papers of Gilbert Jaeger