UNHCR-NGO Toolkit for Practical Cooperation on Resettlement. Operational activities - Identification of refugees in need of resettlement: Tools, Templates and Training Materials

Resettlement, June 2010

a) UNHCR Heightened Risk Identification Tool (and User Guide)

The Heightened Risk Identification Tool (HRIT) has been developed to enhance UNHCR's effectiveness in identifying refugees at risk by linking community-based / participatory assessments and individual assessment methodologies. It has been designed for use by UNHCR staff involved in community services and/or protection activities (including resettlement) and partner agencies.

b) Sample Mapendo International Intake Screening Tool

An adapted version of the Heightened Risk Identification Tool (HRIT) used by Mapendo International Nairobi Office to conduct quick field assessments of the urban refugee population during home visits, to determine whether refugees are in need of Mapendo's services. Used in this way it serves as an identification tool for refugees who may be in need of resettlement and may subsequently be referred to Mapendo International's protection / resettlement unit.

c) Sample HIAS Agreement for NGOs to Engage in the Identification of Individuals for Resettlement Consideration

d) Sample HIAS NGO Form to Refer Individuals Identified for Resettlement Consideration

e) Sample HIAS NGO Form to Refer Individuals in Need of Psycho-social Intervention

f) The Resettlement Legal Aid Project at Saint Andrew's Refugee Services, Cairo, Brochure