UNHCR-NGO Toolkit for Practical Cooperation on Resettlement: 1. Operational Activities

Resettlement, June 2011

Participatory assessments

NGOs can partner with UNHCR in conducting participatory assessments (including risk assessments where appropriate) with refugees and building linkages between these assessments and individual case management.

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Identification of refugees in need of resettlement

NGOs, in partnership with UNHCR, or in the course of their normal work, can identify refugees at heightened risk or in need of specific protection interventions, including resettlement. Such identification may take a variety of forms and may be brought to UNHCR's attention in a variety of ways, from simply flagging the case, to a more in-depth case write-up.

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Referrals and submissions for resettlement

NGOs with the appropriate competencies may be involved in conducting interviews with refugees and preparing individual cases for possible resettlement consideration. These cases may be referred to UNHCR for appropriate follow-up or in some instances directly to a resettlement country.

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Staff and cost-sharing and funding arrangements

A very concrete demonstration of partnership is the sharing of resources between NGOs and UNHCR to strengthen capacity for a variety of activities supporting resettlement.

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