Young Syrian footballer aims high in Germany

Seven-year-old Ahmad escaped war and chaos in Syria. Now safe, he hopes to become an international football star and is watching the European championships closely for new tips.

10 Jun 2016

Greek Syrian mayor and refugees bring tourist village back to life

A Greek summer resort that closed over five years ago as a result of the financial crisis has been turned into a haven for more than 300 refugees.

9 Jun 2016

German scheme opens door to higher education for young asylum-seekers

Experimental NGO offers chance for new arrivals to fulfil their potential, giving them access to online courses from the world's top universities.

30 May 2016

Brothers run again and again as Boko Haram terror spreads

Nigerians who found safety in neighbouring Niger, with thousands of others fleeing militants, move again as insecurity grows.

24 May 2016

Searching for a safe place to be gay

After fleeing violence and harassment at home, LGBTI refugees get a fresh start in California with help from caring citizens and Bay Area non-profits.

18 May 2016

A Syrian scientist in exile

Darie Alikaj fled barrel bombs and mortar fire in Syria, leaving behind her job as a microbiologist. Now she mirrors a wider world of refugee survival in Turkey.

13 May 2016

Burundi refugees tell of new horrors

A year after political protests erupted in Burundi, those who ran for their lives to neighbouring Tanzania bear tales of mass murder, torture and imprisonment.

13 May 2016

You've Got a Friend in Me

A project in Germany teams up new arrivals with local volunteers, helping refugees to find their feet and start anew.

11 May 2016

Step by step

After surviving life-threatening spinal injuries in war-torn Syria, Wisam is taking the long road to recovery one step at a time.

9 May 2016