Chad farming project empowers Sudanese refugees and locals

Planting, weeding and harvesting together helps integrate Sudanese refugees into local villages, and boosts women's independence.

16 Aug 2016

Gay and transgender refugees seek safety in the Middle East

LGBTI refugees in the region face a heightened risk of violent abuse, including murder, sometimes at the hands of extremists or criminal gangs.

15 Aug 2016

Right to reunion eludes refugee families in Europe

The war in Syria tore 13-year-old Ensaf's family apart. Bureaucracy in Europe keeps them from getting back together.

12 Aug 2016

California coffee project gives refugees grounds for hope

Barista scheme provides training and employment for new arrivals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

27 Jul 2016

Syrian wrestling champ inspires young refugee's dreams

Young Mohammed was adrift after arriving at Za'atari camp, but an encounter with a Syrian wrestling champion gave him new hope.

26 Jul 2016

Syrian band's concerts are music to German ears

A group of refugee performers is enchanting German audiences with traditional Arabic music, creating a cultural exchange and dialogue between newcomers and locals.

19 Jul 2016

Teen journalist who fled Afghanistan writes of courage and sorrow

With gunmen on his tail, 17-year-old Omid Ahmadi, a young journalist, fled Kabul without saying goodbye to his family. Now safe, he shared his journey in his own words.

12 Jul 2016

Candy man offers Syrian refugees a sweet taste of home

At Za'atari camp in Jordan, a third-generation confectioner from Dara'a makes popular sweets by hand.

11 Jul 2016

Gangs menace Central Americans seeking refuge in Guatemala

Refugees from El Salvador and Honduras are being hounded in Guatemala by the street gangs they fled.

1 Jul 2016