Help to vulnerable on Lesvos wins Efi Latsoudi 2016 Nansen Award

Efi Latsoudi named as one of two winners of the 2016 Nansen Refugee Award for her tireless work helping refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos.

6 Sep 2016

Gang threat drives growing displacement inside Honduras

In the decade to 2014, an estimated 174,000 Hondurans became displaced within their country by street gang violence and many continue to need protection.

5 Sep 2016

Afghan mother and child land on their feet in Austria

After fleeing Afghanistan, Nooria and her daughter found sanctuary with a young family in southern Austria.

1 Sep 2016

German family help Syrian brothers banish homesick blues

After a two-year trek to Europe, Bilal Aljaber just wanted to return home – until a Berlin couple offered him a room in their house, and then took in his brother too.

1 Sep 2016

Swedish same-sex couple welcome Muslim family

Married couple Gabriella and Candel Webster host Syrian refugee Ahmad.

1 Sep 2016

Quiet librarian and outspoken Syrian artist form unlikely bond

Gay refugee who fled bombs and persecution finds safety and support in Sweden.

1 Sep 2016

Berlin couple go from hosts to surrogate parents

After a shaky start, a young refugee family and their German hosts learn to trust each other and become close friends.

1 Sep 2016

Jewish family open their Berlin home to Muslim refugee

An unlikely guest from Syria joins the Jellineks' weekly Shabbat dinner, and now introduces himself as a Berliner.

1 Sep 2016

Architect helps Syrian trio build new lives in Sweden

Lars Asklund has taken Syrian refugee Farah Hilal, her husband and brother into his home in Malmö.

1 Sep 2016