Verification helps refugees eye the future

One enterprising woman believes the Ugandan government initiative will help the women's businesses she plans to launch.

28 Mar 2018

Life is a daily battle for families in Ukraine conflict zone

Ever-present danger of shelling and landmines makes it difficult to collect benefits, buy food or look for work.

27 Mar 2018

Revolutionary housing project brings Dutch youth together with refugees

Startblok gives refugees a chance to meet people from around the world and feel at home.

26 Mar 2018

Rohingya traders cater to all needs in Bangladesh settlement

Enterprising refugees who fled violence in Myanmar have set up shop again, offering everything from haircuts to live chickens.

26 Mar 2018

Pensioners caught up in Ukraine conflict struggle to survive

Shelling, landmines and long queues are among the hazards facing elderly residents as they try to collect their pensions.

23 Mar 2018

Istanbul's Arabic library for bookish Syrians

Syrian refugee Nada struggled to find books in Arabic when she came to Turkey, so she set up a library that offers other refugees an affordable way to read.

23 Mar 2018

Afghan lost boys provide a bridge in Crete between nations

Ali Sher Kashimi arrived in Greece as a young boy. Now, he helps other asylum seekers by interpreting for them.

23 Mar 2018

Hundreds line up for start of Ugandan refugee verification

Officials and volunteers race against time to mobilize resources and staff for the launch of the vast nationwide exercise.

22 Mar 2018

UN appeals for US$951 million to support Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Funds will meet the urgent needs of nearly 900,000 refugees and more than 330,000 vulnerable Bangladeshis in the communities hosting them.

16 Mar 2018