Volker Türk explains thinking behind plans for global refugee compact

UNHCR protection head details how a new deal for refugees will help both refugees and host communities

8 Mar 2018

Rohingya refugee women stitch new lives in Bangladesh

A sewing project helps women financially and gives them a new sense of pride.

7 Mar 2018

Learning together forges friendships between Rwandan and Burundian students

The Paysannat L School brings refugee and local children together in classrooms.

6 Mar 2018

School offers Syrian girls in Jordan the chance to flourish

Syrian refugee Izdihar's education was at risk until her father found work, allowing her to join other Syrian girls enrolled in school in Jordan.

6 Mar 2018

Displaced Colombian women fight sex abuse

The Life Weavers Women's Alliance helps displaced Colombian women and girls overcome rape and sex abuse, and seek justice through the courts.

5 Mar 2018

Football gives Burundian girls strength to deal with trauma

All-girl teams embrace 'great game' as a welcome release from cares of refugee camp life in Congo.

1 Mar 2018

Technology turns aspiring architect's dreams into virtual reality

Growing up in Aleppo, teenager Mohammed Kteish dreamed of becoming an architect.

28 Feb 2018

Polish city leads the way in solidarity with refugees

The city of Gdansk has offered a warm welcome to migrants and refugees.

16 Feb 2018

Eritrean artist draws hope from evacuation to Europe

A deaf and mute artist is among 150 refugees evacuated from Libya by UNHCR.

15 Feb 2018