Nigerian girls from Nansen award winner's school dream again

Mustapha's Future Prowess Islamic Foundation restores hope destroyed by Boko Haram conflict

21 Sep 2017

Mentoring project inspires teachers at vast school in Kenya

Unity Primary is one of the largest schools in Kakuma refugee camp, where classes of 200 are not unusual and staying motivated as a teacher can a be tough job.

20 Sep 2017

Nansen winner gives new hope to girls orphaned by Boko Haram conflict

Future Prowess Islamic Foundation School charges no fees, provides uniforms and other help to vulnerable children.

19 Sep 2017

Afghan refugees help put Germany on the cricketing map

After fleeing Afghanistan and finding sanctuary in Germany, refugees are helping to bring the game of cricket to their adopted home.

19 Sep 2017

Summer camp in Armenia helps displaced youth settle in

Youngsters who fled conflict and persecution find new friends and new confidence at summer camp in Armenia.

18 Sep 2017

Nigerian mediator who won Chibok girls' release named 2017 winner of UNHCR's Nansen Award

Mustapha provides education for orphans and a lifeline to widows created by insurgency.

18 Sep 2017

Rwandan school bridges language gulf for Burundian students

A specially-designed course helps French-speaking refugees move into the English-based education system in Rwanda.

18 Sep 2017

Homework groups help Syrian pupils stay on top of studies

Lebanon has more than 300 homework support groups, staffed by volunteers and attended by 2,500 refugee children.

15 Sep 2017

Gay and displaced on the frontlines of Ukraine's conflict

Fighting is not the only thing driving people from their homes in eastern Ukraine. Persecution is also forcing LGBTI people to flee.

15 Sep 2017