Refugee bakery a sweet success in Costa Rica

With hard work, determination and a helping hand from UNHCR, Colombian refugees start a successful bakery in Costa Rican capital.

24 Nov 2017

Food festival gives French schoolchildren a taste of refugee life

2017 Refugee Food Festival takes over school canteen in Normandy, introducing pupils to new flavours.

23 Nov 2017

Refugee orchestra wins standing ovation

An eight-strong ensemble of performers from five countries performed at the Besançon Music Festival in France.

14 Nov 2017

Tech developers hope to reshape refugee experience in Canada

UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi recently met refugees and students in Canada to learn how they are coping with resettlement.

13 Nov 2017

Syrian refugees reap benefits of Argentina's new visa rules

Argentina is among a group of countries in South America that have agreed to accept more resettled refugees.

10 Nov 2017

Mental health first aid on the frontlines of the Rohingya crisis

Many refugees fleeing Myanmar experience unimaginable horrors.

26 Oct 2017

Eco-friendly renovation brings light to Syrians in Lebanon

Project has transformed conditions for a Syrian refugee family living in Beirut.

25 Oct 2017

Civilians in DRC struggle for survival amid growing violence at home

People fleeing unrest in Democratic Republic of Congo at record high.

24 Oct 2017

Syrian in Lebanon seeks beautiful life with beautiful game

At 16, Odai's passion for the beautiful game has no limits. A refugee from Syria, he dreams of becoming a professional football player.

23 Oct 2017