UNHCR helps displaced students apply for their final 9th grade public exams

The Syria crisis made it difficult for students to attend their final exams in many parts of the country, UNHCR together with partners made it possible for these students to sit for the 9th-grade exams.

During the last two weeks, UNHCR has helped many displaced students in Aleppo and Hassakah governorates to sit for their final public exams for the 9th grade. These students live in remote areas with no access to exam centres, UNHCR in collaboration with the Directorate of Education, UN sister agencies and implementing partners on the ground made it possible for them to attend their exams on time.

In Aleppo, six schools have been selected in Ashrafieh, New Aleppo, Seif Al Dawla and Hamdanieh neighborhouds to receive students.

So far UNHCR has provided support for some 2,000 students coming from northern rural-Aleppo, Idleb and Raqqa. UNHCR’s partner SARC distributed 1,500 non-food items for 984 students with 104 accompanying supervisors and parents. Each student received two blankets, one mattress, one sleeping bag, one jerry can, one solar lamp and adequate kitchen tools, while IOM and other UN agencies distributed other non-food items, hygiene kits and underpants to all students.

On the other hand, UNHCR has provided legal aid needed, where its partner Syria Trust deployed lawyers to visit students to assess and respond to any potential documentation related problems.

Likewise, UNHCR’s partner Nama’a conducted two Community Based Initiatives in five out of these six schools with minor upgrades to WASH facilities to improve reception conditions inside the schools in Aleppo.

In Hassakeh, UNHCR in coordination with UNICEF provided Core Relief Items including 500 blankets, 500 mattresses to 211 students who came from Raqqa to sit for the 9th-grade exam.

Worth to mention that most of these students dropped out of school throughout the last five years and this was an opportunity for them to continue their education, as the 9th-grade exam marks the end of basic education for Syria’s children and allows them to go on to the next secondary level in their education.