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UNHCR Latest Information Products – September 2018

UNHCR Ukraine Fact Sheet – October 2018

Multi-Year, Multi-Partner Protection and Solutions Strategy for Ukraine, 2018-2022

Legislative Update – May 2018

Legislative Update – June 2018

Legislative Update – July 2018

2017 Participatory Assessment Report for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine


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UNHCR Ukraine Presence and partners map – May 2018

UNHCR Ukraine Presence and Coverage Map – May 2018

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Online Map – UNHCR Partners – 2018

Online Map – Registration of Internal Displacement in Ukraine

Online Map – 2017 Shelter and Non-Food Items Activities

Online Map – Ukraine Settlements names and P-codes

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Ukraine Situation: UNHCR Operational Update – September 2018


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UNHCR Ukraine Key Messages on Internal Displacement – March 2018

UNHCR Ukraine Support at Checkpoints – April 2018

UNHCR Ukraine Winterization Plan 2017/2018

Winterization Recommendations 2018-2019

UNHCR/R2P Monitoring Report. Crossing the Line of Contact. – July_ 2018

UNHCR/R2P Monitoring Report. Crossing the Line of Contact. – August 2018

UNHCR/R2P Monitoring Report. Crossing the Line of Contact.– January-June 2018

UN Briefing Note on pensions for IDPs and persons living in the areas not controlled by the Goverment in the east of Ukraine

UN Briefing Note on freedom of movement across the line of contact in eastern Ukraine

UNHCR/GFK Desk Research of the Surveys of IDPs

Guidance Note: Peacebuilding And Reconciliation In Ukraine

Guidance Note on Prioritizing People with Specific Needs

Protection Cluster Factsheet – July-August 2018


UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement


UNHCR Field Office Fact Sheets

Field Unit Kyiv – April 2018

Kharkiv – April 2018


Quick Impact Project Fact Sheets

UNHCR Ukraine – GIZ QIP prospectus 2017


Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Update – August 2018

Free legal aid to refugees and persons in need of subsidiary or temporary protection (also available in ArabicFarsi and Russian)

1951 Refugee Convention

The global compact on refugees, UNHCR quick guide


Statelessness Update – September 2018