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Food shortages, poverty and violent conflict have forced millions of families to flee on the brink of famine.

Without immediate help, the lives of millions are at risk. 




could provide emergency, life-saving support to Yemeni families.


could provide fortified therapeutic milk to treat babies and young children with malnutrition.


could train eight nurses to detect and screen malnutrition.

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Malawi. Congolese refugee develops Natural Beauty app

Building walls to break down barriers in Yorkshire

Working on ancient walls in the British countryside helps asylum-seekers rebuild their own lives, bringing together locals and new arrivals

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Switzerland. Melissa Fleming's podcast interview with Sajjad Malik.

UNHCR podcast hears from the people who dedicate their lives to refugees

Staff who have spent their careers in some of the world's most challenging places talk about what keeps them awake at night.

Switzerland. Melissa Fleming's podcast interview with Sajjad Malik.

A journey towards safety: A report on the experiences of newly arrived Eritrean refugees in the UK

For Eritreans in the UK, integration assistance can be inconsistent and inadequate. We propose reforms to address the challenges the community faces.

Refugee ProtectionIntegration

Cate Blanchett urges UN Security Council to meet needs of Rohingya refugees

A year into displacement crisis, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador calls for 'innovative ways' to aid refugees and their hosts in Bangladesh.

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Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice

UNHCR is expanding cash-based assistance so that the millions of people that it serves can meet their needs in dignity and are protected.

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