Syrian refugee drama project moves from stage to screen, and back

The Trojan Women Project provides refugees a chance to learn new skills and voice experiences of exile; 'The World to Hear,' a film about the acclaimed 'Queens of Syria' theatre tour, is running at the Glasgow Film Festival

23 Feb 2018

Northern Ireland offers fresh start to a Syrian family

The VPRS has made the UK one of the largest resettlement countries globally; it has now welcomed 10,000 refugees of a planned 20,000, helping them to rebuild their shattered lives

22 Feb 2018

Polish city leads the way in solidarity with refugees

The city of Gdansk has offered a warm welcome to migrants and refugees.

16 Feb 2018

Eritrean artist draws hope from evacuation to Europe

A deaf and mute artist is among 150 refugees evacuated from Libya by UNHCR.

15 Feb 2018

South Sudan refugees in Congo make market vibrant success

Resourceful and enterprising refugees from South Sudan have set up a successful market in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

14 Feb 2018

Refugees flee fresh fighting in Congo to Uganda

Congolese take to flimsy vessels and brave dangerous waters of Lake Albert to reach safety.

13 Feb 2018

Citizenship opens new world for stateless man from Georgia

After decades of frustration and broken dreams, Jirair has finally been recognized as a citizen of the country where he was born.

12 Feb 2018

Belfast's art community embraces exiled Syrian painter

A Kurdish refugee from northeast Syria, Mousa has been painting his journey of exile. In Northern Ireland, he has finally found a haven for his family, his art is blossoming, and he's trying to repay the community that has taken him in

9 Feb 2018

Iraqi refugee musician finds a sympathetic ear in Brussels

Hussein Rassim missed the beloved instrument he left behind, until a crowdfunding appeal raised enough for a replacement.

8 Feb 2018