Home is close, but so far away for Central African Republic refugees

More than 60,000 refugees have crossed the Ubangi and Mboumou rivers in the past five months, fleeing the war-torn Central African Republic.

12 Oct 2017

Defying screams and gunfire, South Sudanese family flees to safety

After her husband became a victim of the conflict, Milly Lagu feared for the life of her sons.

10 Oct 2017

'I am a strong woman and I do my job with passion'

UNHCR has nearly 11,000 staff, of whom 87 per cent are based in the field. Meet Vicky Munguriek, a driver in northern Uganda.

6 Oct 2017

Refugee turns lawyer to help asylum-seekers rebuild in Britain

Beheshtizadeh fled Iran in 2004 and has strived to integrate in his new home. He has been awarded for helping those needing international protection.

5 Oct 2017

Paralympics sports helps Syrian boy look beyond disability

Najib was only 12 when he was paralysed during a bomb attack on his home in Homs.

4 Oct 2017

UNHCR launches urgent appeal to help Burundian refugees

With only 19 per cent funding, UNHCR and aid partners are grappling with increasing needs of Burundian refugees.

29 Sep 2017

Nigeria's Nansen award winner offers lifeline to widows of Boko Haram conflict

Mustapha's foundation helps women and children start over after tragedy.

26 Sep 2017

Online study scheme gives refugee students a degree of hope

Supported by the University of Geneva, the InZone project makes degree-level courses available to those for whom university is out of reach.

26 Sep 2017

Children of Luhansk start new school year hoping for peace

In Ukraine, where the ongoing conflict has damaged at least 700 schools, one class has started the new school year dreaming of peace.

25 Sep 2017