Turkey / Syrian refugee sisters Tamara* and Eilada* may have lost their home and most of their belongings, but they haven't lost hope in the future. Tamara, 20, left, and Eilada, 18, right, fled their home village of Idlib in north Syria in September. Today, they are living in a tent in Adiyaman refugee camp in southern Turkey with their parents, two brothers and a sister. Despite the dramatic change in their young lives, refugees Tamara and Eilada will still be able to pursue their undergraduate studies in Turkey. Tamara and Eilada are among some 7,200 Syrian refugees at Adiyaman camp. Built and run by the Turkish Government, it is one of 14 camps currently housing more than 141,000 Syrian refugees in seven provinces. UNHCR provides various types of technical support to the government in assisting Syrian refugees. Under an extremely generous education program, the government has decided to allow qualified Syrian refugees to attend Turkish universities beginning the March semester. Ramazan Kurkud, head of education programs at Adiyaman said 70 B.A candidates and 10 M.A candidates from the camp have so far submitted applications to study at Turkish universities. Tamara and Eilada are employed in the camp as teachers, and have the opportunity to share their love of learning with young Syrian refugees. They are pictured here at work on the 5th of December, 2012 in Adiyaman Refugee Camp, Turkey. *Names changed for protection purposes

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