Legal Aid Information

Contact information for non-governmental organizations and free or low-cost attorneys who may be able to help with individual cases.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Regional Office Washington, D.C. (ROW) provides information explaining the asylum process to refugees and asylum-seekers already present in the United States who fear being returned to a country where they are afraid they might suffer persecution. Unlike the situation in some countries, UNHCR ROW does not have any formal role in the decision-making process on asylum claims or refugee status in the United States.

We strongly suggest that asylum-seekers in removal proceedings or with any immigration matter seek the assistance of a lawyer or an agency authorized to represent asylum-seekers. Please note that our office does not provide legal advice or direct representation to asylum-seekers, either in their immigration proceedings or in any legal matter.

If you are outside of the United States and have fled your country of origin, please contact the UNHCR office in your current country of residence for assistance.

General Information Regarding Legal Representation

Contact Information for Legal Aid Service Providers

In the United States

In select detention facilities across the United States, Legal Orientation Programs (LOP) provide information about immigration court procedures and other basic legal information. The Vera Institute of Justice maintains a directory of these LOPs.

Outside of the United States