Content - Desperate Journeys, Sea Prayer

1. Desperate Journeys release 

Desperate Journeys report press release:

  • Available for translation and localisation [link]

Desperate Journeys report:

  • Available here: [link]

​Desperate journeys social media package: 

  • Available here: [link]

2. Desperate Journeys-related materials available for pitching

Desperate Journeys op-ed by Khaled Hosseini:

  • Available [here] with embargo guidelines (NB - version of report foreword) 

Feature piece by Khaled Hosseini - The Ghost of Alan Kurdi:

  • Available [here(2270 words) 

3. Photos and Video:

Content related to Khaled's 2018 'Sea Prayer' mission to Lebanon and Italy:

  • Khaled Hosseini - Desperate Journeys film (20 min length): ENG, ASI and INT versions available for download [here
  • Footage from Khaled Hosseini's London press conference (5 September 2018) available here: [link
  • Photos: [Lebanon], [Italy]
  • B-roll package [link
  • Two social media films (ENG, ASI and INT versions): [link]

Content related to the Desperate Journeys report:

  • Photos from the report [link] and and other images [link]
  • B-roll package [link

Sea Prayer (book edition) illustrations and social media materials:

  • Available here with usage guidelines and credit information 

4. Background

  • Khaled's UNHCR web page [English]
  • Previous media coverage of the Guardian VR film version of Sea Prayer: [link]

5. Media Contacts

Khaled Hosseini related-interview (or other related Sea Prayer requests) should be directed to:

General interview requests related to Desperate Journeys should be directed to: