Imminent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

As fighting spreads in Afghanistan, more and more vulnerable families are being forced to flee.

Some 270,000 people have already been displaced by the violence this year. This latest crisis is only adding more suffering to an already tragic situation, in which over 5 million Afghans are displaced in the country and across borders. UNHCR is on the ground to provide lifesaving care and protection to families in need of help. Please support our efforts.

Please help now


could provide an emergency shelter kit, which includes a family tent and 2 plastic tarpaulins, to a displaced family in Afghanistan


could provide a kit of core relief items, including blankets, sleeping mats, jerrycans, a bucket, mosquito nets and kitchen set, to an Afghan refugee family in Pakistan


could provide a sanitary kit, with 3 bars of laundry soap, 3 bars of toilet soap and 2 boxes of sanitary napkins, to a displaced Afghan family in Iran

(image © UNHCR/Edris Lutfi)