Kenya: Instant Network Schools

The Instant Network Schools (INS) programme has grown significantly since Vodafone Foundation partnered with UNHCR in 2014 to connect schools in Dadaab camp. The partnership realized the benefits of utilizing connectivity in schools to connect students to educational resources and to the broader online world.

Selected schools and community centres are kitted out with a ‘digital box’ that includes a set of computer tablets, solar-powered batteries, a satellite or mobile network, and a suite of content and online learning material. Each INS is run by a local coach who provides in-service training and support for learners and teachers. Daily logs of INS use are recorded and uploaded to a global platform which helps to track utilisation, flag challenges and identify areas for re-design or capacity building.

“Watching the way that ICT has changed learning for my students is the most interesting thing I have ever experienced. They are more engaged and interested.”

Ador, teacher at Greenlight Secondary School, Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

Today, there are 31 Instant Network Schools established in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania. Preliminary data shows that the programme has increased attendance rates, raised teacher motivation levels and improved exam results across the four countries.

To confirm these results, a yearlong assessment is tracking progress made throughout 2016. This study and ongoing community feedback is helping to refine the program further.