South Sudan: Enough is Enough

Conflict in South Sudan has raged for nearly four years, with a staggering number of displaced and shattered lives.

Christine, 26, holds her week-old baby girl Anwech, in a makeshift shelter at Ngomoromo border crossing, Uganda.
© UNHCR/Rocco Nuri

South Sudan’s conflict has raged for nearly four years, shattering lives and displacing nearly 4 million people within the country and across the region.

A staggering 2 million people are refugees in six countries, most of them separated from their loved ones.

Christine almost delivered a baby girl along the way, as she walked for two days to escape the violence. Baby Angwech was born safely in Uganda. However, Christine is unsure whether her husband is alive as they were separated during the flight.

“If he is there or not, I don’t know…maybe they have killed him.”

Arnauld Akodjenou, UNHCR’s Regional Refugee Coordinator for the South Sudan Situation has called for the safety and dignity of South Sudan’s displaced.

“Enough is enough for those who fled and became refugees. And enough is enough for those in six host countries who have received refugees from South Sudan and are not receiving international support.”

The suffering of the people in South Sudan must end. Enough is enough.