Relief for asylum seekers offered a new life outside Libya

Survivors of violence among 93 vulnerable individuals on board first evacuation flight to Italy for two years as part of new emergency mechanism.

25 Nov 2021

Social workers rally support for displaced people in northern Ethiopia

A network of over 100 Ethiopians displaced by the conflict in the north of the country is supporting others to recover from trauma and access basic services.

17 Nov 2021

No safe place to go for asylum-seekers snared in Libya dragnet

Desperate refugees and asylum-seekers in Tripoli in urgent need of assistance and protection amid security sweeps.

14 Oct 2021

'My dream has finally come true!'

Sudanese student Raba Hakim fulfils a lifelong dream of going to university, thanks to a Mastercard Foundation scholarship.

11 Oct 2021

Climate change forum in Cape Verde gives voice to forcibly displaced persons in Africa

17 Sep 2021

UNHCR Statement on Human Rights Watch Report on Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray

16 Sep 2021

'I tell everyone that we need to take this vaccine.'

Refugee health workers included in the national vaccine rollout stand in support of Ethiopia's COVID-19 response.

10 Sep 2021

UNHCR statement on Ethiopian refugees registered in Sudan allegedly involved in fighting in Tigray region

7 Sep 2021

South Sudanese refugees make safer, better, greener stoves in Ethiopia

Refugee women have developed energy efficient cookstoves in Gambella, reducing usage of firewood and preserving the environment.

31 Aug 2021