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Partenaires sportifs

Partenaires sportifs

Pour les personnes déracinées par la guerre ou les persécutions, le sport est bien plus qu’un loisir. C’est une possibilité d’insertion et de protection, une chance de guérir, de se développer et de grandir.

1. The crisis is compounding already record levels of humanitarian need in Sudan

A woman fills containers with water from a standpipe in a village in Central Darfur.

A Sudanese woman collects water in a village for internally displaced people in Central Darfur.

The recent fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Reaction Forces comes at a time when Sudan was already experiencing its highest levels of humanitarian need in a decade.

The removal of long-time authoritarian leader Omar al-Bashir in 2019 brought optimism that the country would be returned to civilian rule. However, a military coup two years later dissolved the transitional civilian government sparking political and economic turmoil and reigniting intercommunal conflict in the western Darfur region and Blue Nile and Kordofan states.

In addition, extreme weather linked to climate change, including floods and droughts, has affected hundreds of thousands of people across the country, destroying crops and livestock and making it increasingly difficult for families to put food on the table.

Sudan emergency

Hundreds of thousands of people require urgent help.

2. Before the current conflict, 4.5 million Sudanese people were already displaced