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Protéger les droits humains

Les personnes forcées de fuir sont souvent privées de leurs droits fondamentaux.

Le HCR plaide auprès des gouvernements et collabore avec eux pour renforcer les lois et veiller à ce que les personnes déplacées et apatrides puissent avoir accès aux droits et aux services de base.
Une femme avec deux jeunes enfants échange avec un employé du HCR, en Colombie.
An aerial view of people lining up to receive aid in Chad.

An aerial view of relief items being distributed to newly arrived Sudanese refugees at the Madjigilta site in Chad.

4. The chaos in Sudan is piling further needs on already stretched host countries

All the neighbouring countries impacted by this new emergency were already hosting large numbers of refugees and internally displaced people on insufficient and dwindling levels of humanitarian funding. At the same time, countries like Chad and South Sudan (the two least developed countries in the world) were battling hunger, insecurity, and the impacts of climate change.

Now the conflict is disrupting trade and supply chains, pushing up the costs of food and fuel.

Those crossing borders, most of them women and children, are arriving in urgent need of food, water, shelter, healthcare and basic items like blankets, cooking utensils and soap. Psychosocial support for parents and children who have witnessed or experienced appalling violence is another priority, as is putting mechanisms in place to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. 

A girl holds a baby surrounded by her family and their luggage at a transit point near the South Sudanese border.

A family of returning South Sudanese refugees wait at a UNHCR transit centre at the Joda border point, Renk, South Sudan.

With the rainy season due to begin in a few weeks, the race is on to preposition aid before roads to remote border regions become impassable, cutting off newly arrived refugees from assistance.  

Several years of devastating floods in South Sudan have already damaged roads making it almost impossible for returning refugees to travel from the border to home areas. Those that do make it home are likely to find fragile communities still recovering from years of conflict.

5. More help is urgently needed