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En savoir plus sur comment rejoindre le HCR en tant qu’employé ou faire affaire avec nous en tant que fournisseur.

Ensemble nous pouvons faire la différence pour les personnes forcées de fuir.
Des employés du HCR distribuent des articles de secours essentiels à des réfugiés et des migrants à un point de débarquement à Tripoli.

UNHCR and its partners initially estimated that they will need $445 million to respond to the needs of people fleeing Sudan in the coming months, but that figure is likely to rise when a detailed response plan is published in the coming days.

Inside Sudan, the clashes in Khartoum and Darfur have restricted the ability of UNHCR and other aid agencies to deliver assistance. In addition, supplies of aid have been looted. In areas where the security situation is calmer, UNHCR has been able to visit refugee settlements and is working with Sudan’s Commission for Refugees to continue providing protection and assistance. Water and basic health assistance is still available, and the World Food Programme has restarted distributions of food assistance in refugee camps in the East

UNHCR is urgently calling on the international community for new funding to respond to the mounting crisis.

“The needs are vast, and the challenges are numerous,” says Raouf Mazou, UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Operations. “If the crisis continues, peace and stability across the region could be at stake.”

UNHCR staff members are surrounded by a crowd of Sudanese refugees in Chad.

UNHCR staff pre-register newly arrived Sudanese refugees at the Koufroun site in the Ouaddaï region of Chad.

The needs are vast, and the challenges are numerous.

Raouf Mazou, UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Operations


For civilians caught in the crossfire, the consequences have been catastrophic. Hundreds of people have been killed and many more injured, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, health facilities have come under attack and the prices of food, fuel and other basics have skyrocketed.

The fighting has created a humanitarian emergency both inside Sudan and in neighbouring countries such as Chad, South Sudan and Egypt, where large numbers of people are fleeing in search of safety.

Without a swift and peaceful resolution, the repercussions will be devastating for Sudan and the wider region, both of which were already struggling to cope with mass displacement, economic turmoil and climate shocks before the latest crisis erupted.  

Here is a look at the humanitarian context behind the current crisis, its projected impact on civilians and what UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and its partners are doing to respond.