Rohingya: A life lived in limbo

In her op-ed for POLITICO, Goodwill Ambassador Cate Blanchett urges global leaders to do more for Rohingya refugees.

28 Sep 2022

Rohingya boy learns language of photography

Five years after a Pulitzer-Prize winning photo made him the face of the Rohingya refugee crisis, a young refugee has taken up a camera himself.

25 Aug 2022

Stateless Rohingya continue to struggle for survival in Myanmar

Five years after 700,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh, and a decade after intercommunal violence rocked Rakhine State, those who remain live in a state of limbo.

25 Aug 2022

UNHCR appeals for renewed support and solutions for Rohingya refugees

23 Aug 2022

Going local: A fresh start for displaced communities in Myanmar

In Kachin State, communities in prolonged displacement are seizing opportunities to restart their lives.

2 Aug 2022

Rohingya and Bangladeshi teachers pair up to tackle education hurdles in camps

Teaching together creates understanding between Rohingya refugees and local Bangladeshis.

20 Jul 2022

Government of Bangladesh and UNHCR establish a specialized hospital in Ukhiya

30 Jun 2022

World Refugee Day: A celebration of resilience and hope

Writing on World Refugee Day, Indrika Ratwatte, UNHCR's Asia Director, emphasizes the urgent need for solutions for forcibly displaced people around the world.

20 Jun 2022

Rohingya refugees lead response to fire threat in Bangladesh camps

Trained refugee volunteers are the first line of defence against the frequent fires that tear through camps in the dry season.

10 Jun 2022