Aufbrechen, ankommen, bleiben

An educational package with backgrounders for teachers and class activities, based on the stories of seven young refugees.

The first chapter “Aufbrechen” (to set out) contains class exercises to familiarize pupils with key terminology on refugees, asylum and migration, and to explain the reasons why people flee.

The second chapter “Ankommen” (to arrive) contains exercises, maps, articles and other materials intended to teach pupils about refugee movements, the main countries of origin, the main refugee routes, and the basics of the Refugee Convention and international refugee law. This chapter also explains the Austrian asylum procedure.

The third chapter “Bleiben” (to stay) contains a number of exercises and stories on the integration of refugees and migrants into a host society, their needs and the challenges.

Materials available

Aufbrechen, ankommen, bleiben is available in one 116 page bundle on UNHCR Austria’s website.

Age groups

For children aged 12 and older.


Aufbrechen, ankommen, bleiben is only available in German.

How to order

The educational pack is available as a free download on UNHCR Austria’s web page.

Printed copies of the package can be ordered via e-mail to [email protected]