The purpose of the Call for Expression of Interest is to solicit interest from existing or prospective partners that wish to participate in a UNHCR operation and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind contributions, supplies and/or equipment) to achieving common objectives as agreed in a Partnership Agreement.

  1. Project title and Identification:
    Identification and protection of stateless persons, and reduction of statelessness in Bulgaria

Stateless persons are identified and have access to status determination procedures and legal remedies (OA2: Status) and National legislation, policy and practice are in line with international and EU standards (OA3: Policy/Law).More details and information on how to apply, please find here:  Call for Expression of interest Stateless Persons

2. Project title and Identification:
Protection and integration of Asylum seekers, and Refugees in Bulgaria

PoCs enjoy safe and inclusive access to the territory and reception, protection and integration services in coordination with UN agencies and local actors       (OA1-3&7),
Refugee children have access to specialized and quality services (OA5), and Basic needs of displaced persons with cash and in-kind assistance (OA8) are met.

More details and information on how to apply, please find here: Call for Expression of interest AS and Refugees

Appendix C: CONCEPT NOTE [TO BE SUBMITTED BY PARTNER]: Appendix C_Concept Note

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