Thank you for supporting the Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign


Khaled Hosseini, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador thanks IKEA co-workers and customers for their support for refugees in Azraq camp in Jordan through the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign.

Today, there are nearly 15 million refugees globally, half of which are children. Many have no choice but to live in refugee camps, where an absence or lack of light after sunset can have a devastating effect on safety and security. Without light, simple activities such as visiting the toilet, collecting water, returning to the shelter from elsewhere or completing homework after dark can become difficult and dangerous, particularly for women and girls.


How the campaign helps refugees

  • There are a number of ways sustainable lighting improves the quality of life in refugee camps. Solar lanterns allow girls and boys to study after dark. Lanterns and solar street lights also allow refugees to continue income generating activities after dark, such as buying and selling goods, providing technical services or running cooperatives and businesses. Solar street lights also enable more community gatherings and socializing after the sun goes down.
  • By improving access to cleaner, renewable, sustainable and user-friendly energy supplies, the IKEA Foundation and UNHCR are making refugee camps safer and more suitable places for the many families who live in them.
  • For every LED product sold in a participating IKEA store during the campaign period in November-December 2015, IKEA Foundation will donate €1 for refugees.

The IKEA Foundation, UNHCR’s largest private sector partner, believes that every child deserves a safe place to call home. Since 2010 the IKEA Foundation has partnered with UNHCR, helping to provide shelter, care and education to families and children within refugee camps and surrounding communities in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Discover how the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign will offer a brighter future for Syrian refugees like Mayada and her family living in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

Watch this video to understand how a biogas plant works in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, which is set up with your support.


Watch this video to understand how a solar farm will work in a refugee camp in Jordan, which will be set up with your support.


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