World Refugee Day 2020

This year we mark World Refugee Day in a very different world. The coronavirus pandemic that has changed our lives has also created solidarity that transcends borders. 

In the time of COVID, we celebrate refugees who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic, their hosts and the aid workers supporting them. We have seen everyday heroes from all walks of life step up to join the front lines of this crisis.

This World Refugee Day join us in creating a more inclusive world where no one is left behind. 

From the United Kingdom to Bangladesh, Jordan to Kenya, refugees and their host communities were amongst the first to respond. We are stronger when we all act together.

No matter who you are or where you come from, pandemic or not; everyone can make a difference. Every action counts. 

Meet the everyday heroes: refugees who are doing their bit on the pandemic’s front lines.

“We kept the vulnerable safe”

Shadi and his Syrian friends realized that many people in their Swiss town would need support collecting groceries, medicine and connecting with the outside world.

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“I brought the sick to safety”

Carmen is a doctor and Venezuelan asylum seeker living in Peru. She is now on 24-hour shifts with the ambulance service to reach suspected coronavirus cases and bring them to hospital.

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Refugee university students conduct online lessons during the pandemic

Refugee students of local universities conduct extra-curricular lessons via WhatsApp for children from the refugee community in Kyrgyzstan who have the language barrier and thus cannot fully benefit from regular school lessons. Also, tutors are helping children with homework.

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“I am glad my help needed for people”

Shahrbonu from Afghanistan lives in Tajikistan as a refugee for one year. No one in her family works and she has a kid with behavioral disorder. Despite her situation, in COVID-19 she is helping both refugee and hosting community by sewing masks and distributing them for free.