Chemins d'Exil

A teachers' toolkit about asylum and migration in Belgium based on the comic book series "Chemins d'Exil", containing a board game and activity sheers.

The comic books were created by Belgian comic artists Eric Warnauts and Guy Raives and author of children's books Philippe Lenoir in 2007 for Croix-Rouge de Belgique, the french speaking department of the Red Cross in Belgium. 

The project was financed by Fedasil, the Belgian government agency for reception of asylum-seekers as part of a neighbourhood policy and local stakeholder management project around the reception centre for asylum-seekers in Nonceveux, Belgium. 

Materials available

The General Fact Sheet contains backgrounders for the teacher or trainer on the asylum procedure in Belgium, basic definitions, information on the international legal framework for refugees and migrants, and some explanation on the role and activities of open and closed reception centres for asylum-seekers. 

The Games and Exercises Package (Cahier Pédagogique) contains all the game and exercise sheets for use in the classroom.

Age groups

For children aged 12 to 18.  Most exercises target specific age groups within the general age range (cf. some exercises are only for 10 to 12 year olds, other resources are targeted at older children).


The toolkit is only available in French. 

How to order

The whole toolkit is available as a free download on Croix-Rouge's website.

A limited amount of printed versions of the whole kit, including the comic books, can be ordered by e-mail - for availabilities, please contact Croix-Rouge's education department on [email protected].